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RCBS Europe is a provider of research and consultancy services for individuals and organisations who need to predict, explain and understand phenomena and processes of the social world, from individual behaviour to global change. We focus on psychological, social, market and opinion research. RCBS Europe is located in Idstein, a lovely town at the heart of Germany and Europe, 40 km away from Frankfurt International Airport, one of the world’s busiest airports.

How can we help you?
If you need to understand what people think, how they feel or why they do what they do, or if you want to change people’s thoughts, feelings or behaviours, then you might want to get to know us.

As an initiator of a research project you will benefit from our in-depth knowledge, sophisticated know-how and broad experience, all of which make sure you’ll get a cutting edge.

As a supplier of research services you can count on our support when you need to outsource specialised services that are not part of your company’s regular portfolio or when you want to counteract short-term peaks of workload.

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